Another 2GB board up and running
Posting this as a data point for anyone still waiting on their Pine.

Received Saturday, unboxed and setup last night. The 2GB board was slated for Remix OS. The hardest part was getting a working image on the SD card; the links and documentation around that could be a lot clearer, but 50/50 my fault for not digging into the forum. Had to dig out a Windows machine to run PhoenixCard SW, then realized 90% of the way through there were card size specific DD images.

Went against protocol/common sense and plugged in all my peripherals on the first boot; wireless shield and air mouse dongle. Pine64 logo>pulsating Remix OS screen for 5 minutes>Desktop. Sync'd the C120 mouse/keyboard; keyboard worked, mouse functions did not. Plugged in a USB mouse and started seting up the OS. Wireless works and I connected to my main LAN; wireless speed was... not great. Play Store works, Youtube and Chrome need immediate updates. Switch the wireless to my office LAN, it's slower, but the signal is much stronger. At this point, about 30 minutes after that first boot, I'm up and running and everything but the mouse on the C120 is working, with no extraordinary effort on my part. Leave it to burn in overnight. 

This morning, running Netflix, Sling TV, Amazon Music with no issues. Watched a Youtube video on the C120, realized that the mouse function has an on/off switch, try that, mouse is working. The documentation with the mouse sparse and badly translated to the point of unlessness. Since i'm still waiting on the ABS cases, I'll either have to keep waiting or make my own to get this unit setup in it's final location. Will see how my luck holds out on my 1GB.

Overall, for a Kickstarter project, moderately happy so far. The obvious fulfillment issues, status communication and poor documentation are net negatives, but understandable growing pains. The hardware itself seems pretty solid for what it is, and at this stage - for me at least - is relatively plug and play. Thanks to all the people that got theirs before me and smoothed off a lot of the rough edges.
Right! thanks for the positive update, and congratulations !

~nice job !

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