Pine64 $15 card killed my $120 keyboard
(07-01-2016, 01:38 AM)Boring Wrote: Some More fuel for the Fire. USB is designed to be hot pluggable

Oh no... make it stop!!!!  Big Grin Big Grin Tongue

Yes, indeed it is... it is at the heart of its design. Even to the point where on the USB connector the outer two rails are slightly longer and closer to the front than the middle two, so that the power lines make contact before the data pins do, so that device has a chance to start powering up before the data pins connect. 

However, we could do a song and dance all year about wheither we should hot swap stuff or not... and none of us would necessarily be right. I hotswap stuff all the time - be it PC stuff (USB, hot swappable SATA), micro-controller stuff (arduino, STM32, raspberry pi, chip),  etc.... and don't think I've ever had anything fail that way that wouldn't have failed if I had powered it down first and then connected it. I even plug my laptop into the mains power whilst it's running... that counts doesn't it? lol Then again, I generally have plenty of protection ;D (current limiting supplies, appropriate fuses, some idea wth I'm doing!)... but that isn't to say that powering stuff down first isn't a good idea... prevents ESD, intermittent connections and power spikes... but that just isn't for me!  Big Grin Cool

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