PinePhone Keyboard on other phone/over USB
I recently got a Fairphone 4 but I'd really like to use that keyboard.

Adapting the physical space for the phone shouldn't be hard, considering that I have a 3D printer. I have done similar work before.

Obviously, though, I wouldn't be able to use the original connector, and probably not even the original connection protocol, since I can only connect USB to the Fairphone.

Is it possible to connect the keyboard using USB? I've seen in some video, that (at least an older preproduction version of the keyboard) has an internal USB connector. Does this connector send HID? If not by default, would it be possible for me to modify the firmware to output HID over USB?
Now, that Linux kernel 6.1 supports the keyboard, there should be much better chances to use the keyboard for other devices, Let's see and search ...

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