Streamlined jmms install
jmms is a memory-safe script to receive and view MMS messages (all types: group threads and multimedia) and unclog your message queue for SMS.

I've been developing and using it for a year now and it's been great at doing one thing well.

I've gotten feedback from a few people that install was a barrier to them being able to use it, so I've put some effort into hopefully making installation drastically simpler - at least on Mobian. It should be pretty simple to reuse the code to support other distros - merge requests very welcome!

The new instructions are here:

Enjoy, and feel free to let me know if you encounter issues - either here or on the bug tracker!
FWIW, I thought your original instructions would still be easier than compiling mmsd (I think it's called). Anyway, now it looks even easier. So maybe I'll finally get around to doing something in this department.[0]

At any rate, thanks for sharing your work!. Smile I liked the original name. It's always good to bump into fellow Sourcehut users out here in the wild, as well as seeing more links to projects there. Smile


[0] I mostly use XMPP, so it hasn't been a priority.

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