No mobile data working

I've received my Pinephone a few weeks ago and am struggling to get mobile data working, using $ sudo pacman -Syu i have updated the phone to the latest version. Some notes:

* ofonoctl wan does not list any interface, other ofonoctl commands do not work, probably because there is no interface to work on
* i have input my provider's APN settings
* i got a dedicated SIM card for the phone with mobile data
* calling and sms works just fine
* frequently see the message modem shows no carrier
* in the APN settings, i am unable to click or enable the active checkbox, on some screenshots others posted, the checkbox was clearly checked, whenever i click it, i enter the screen where i can input the APN username/password

Having read through many posts on the subject, i am still at a loss. Any tip is much appreciated.

Just for testing and comparing, -- try another operating system from an sd card.

Of the Manjaro phosh or Plasma desktops, the Phosh desktop has less modem problems. *(in my tests)

While Post Market OS, Archarm64, Mobian, seem even more dependable at modem handling, *(again in my tests)
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Maybe I'm just a lucky one to have successful combo of mobile provider and pinephone hardware&software but mobile data is working ok here with providers default APN.
The thing that you can try is to wait a little after system start as the mobile broadband connection takes some time to start here. Usually it takes a minute or two (in some cases up to 5 minutes if I remember correctly) and then the message appears that the connection was established.

Hehe - that's my 100th posting here - time to celebrate Tongue

Anyway, waiting a few minutes did not seem to do anything. After startup, i am quickly connected to my provider. I can also immediately make a phone call. But the mobile interface never seems to appear.

It seems i now must get an SD card and a reader/writer so i can try another OS.

Thanks anyway!

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