ADB and USB A to A cable tips
I struggled for a few hours to get ADB commands on my laptop talking to the Android OS on the Quartz64.

Here are some tips that I think will help:-
I used an A to A USB cable from Amazon.  It's just a straight through 4 way to 4 way A to A cable.
As you look at the USB ports on the Quartz64 it has to be the top right one (with black plastic tongue), above the USB 3 port (with blue plastic tongue).
I can only get it to work if the cable is connected from the Quartz64 to the laptop before booting up the board.  I'm not yet 100% sure but I think that it has to be a cold boot, not a reboot.

Usefully if you do adb shell and get a Linux prompt on the Quartz64 from there you can run sudo and have root access.

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