Ubuntu Touch vs. Manjaro on Braveheart [Accessibility]
I bought a Braveheart phone over a year ago. I am equally motivated by the desire for a libre phone as well as to support such projects in general. I knew full well it was going to be a "beta" experience, so I was not going to make the lack of functionality or applications as a reason to not use the platform as a daily driver.

However, the one issue that i couldn't get past was the lack of "responsiveness" on the touch screen. Without question this can be partially chalked up to my fine motor skills. At any rate, I had trouble clicking buttons, and pulling menus, and activating widgets in general, especially near the corners and edges of the screen.

So I set the phone aside. I figured I would wait some time for software updates to see if the responsiveness got any better.

Yesterday, I booted the Pinephone and installed the available software updates. While I still had some issues, the experience was drastically better from the last time I logged on about 6 months previously. That implies to me that it was not the hardware per se that was a problem.

So here is my question. I noticed that the pinephones are now being sold with Manjaro installed instead of Ubuntu. As far as accessibility, is it any better than Ubuntu currently?

Probably the most important use of the phone would be email. I haven't yet figured out how to use Libertine/install apps from the command line, but that said, I like using text-based mail clients like Alpine, which uses a lot of keyboard sequences with the Ctrl button. So the quality of the virtual keyboard would play a big role for me.


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