PmOS Phosh: set compose and change layout
How can I :

set compose to Pause
change layout to R-Alt

in PmOS Phosh?
One question: what do you mean?
good question. in X11, you can use the Plasma settings menu or 'setxkboption' to assign a key to serve as the 'compose' key. This helps you type uncommon characters. I have the OS/Pine key set to 'compose' so I can type em dashes — and the degree symbol °. There's a similar way to set which key or combo switches keyboard layouts. I often switch between Dvorak and Russian.

I have a custom keyboard set up with QMK to work with the keys set as above. It works perfectly on my Plasma PBP, and it would be great if it would work on my phone with Pinephone with Phosh
In that case, I'm not sure.
I always make such symbols using Fcitx.
So I type for example "30do", hit space to get through the list until I get to "30℃", or I type "marukyuu" to get ⑨, or "sikaku" for ■ and □, or "rosiamoji" for the entire list of Russian characters to choose from, or "ahya" for (゚∀゚), or "nippon" for ??, and so on.

I honestly didn't even know there was some key for that to do the same thing.

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