Accessing services from LAN
I've installed debian and a few things, including xrdp (I'm using it headless with xfce4), apache, phpmyadmin, webmin, owncloud.
All those work without any problems.
Then I installed transmission-daemon (from apt) and I installed mpd (from sources)
My problem is that I can connect from a client installed on the pine but I can't connect from any other computer.
The pine has a static IP given by router's DHCP.

My various tests gave me that:
When using midori on the pine, I can access the transmission webui with but it won't work with localhost or the pine' static IP showing a 403 message.

Any clues?
My first inclination is that this is a configuration issue. The app may be configured to only allow local connections and not remote ones. This would explain the behavior that you are seeing. These parameters are usually configured in the conf file. The setting "only allow remote access" from the link below looks promising. If it is not set to include your IP address then you will get the error that you are seeing.

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