No HDMI output on monitor but HDMI works on TV
Got my rockpro64 last week, but I cannot make it work with my Philips monitor HDMI. Power up the board with Manjaro ARM and monitor doesn't detect a signal and goes to sleep mode.   Absolutely nothing is displayed like there might be a hardware issue. 

(Monitor works fine with my desktop or laptop on HDMI (1.4) no problem. I have tried switching a few cables, no luck).

However rockpro64 works perfectly fine if i plug it into my TV's HDMI input, boots up nicely and displays the login and desktop.. 

Any ideas how I can get it to work on my monitor? Is it some sort of firmware issue?  Thanks in advance.
could it be a power issue ?

Things you can test :
- plug the hdmi after the boot
- try hdmi to dvi if you have such input and cable
- try another distribution (armbian for example)
- disconnect all devices from screen and board before boot

best luck.

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