New phone, KDE desktop settings reset on reboot

I got my PinePhone Convergence Package yesterday. Lots of work remains for the devs for sure, but I thought I'd ask if anyone else has ran into / solved problems of KDE Plasma desktop settings not surviving a reboot. I am getting varying behavior where some icons go back to the dock at every reboot OR the desktop just gets reset into "factory settings" entirely with all my icons / widgets / wallpaper settings gone. Any specific log files I should look at - I'm afraid I'm very unfamiliar with KDE in general.

I have the same problem on Manjaro Phosh.
Then it is definitely a different bug. The report was an old Plasma Mobile bug (the post is more than 2 years old!) which has finally been fixed a few months ago. What you are seeing must be a Phosh bug (regression?).

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