Genode OS

recently while browsing the internet I found an interesting microkernel-based OS called Genode (
Its developers planned to implement basic feature-phone functionality (calls, SMS, mobile data connectivity) for the Pinephone by the end of 2021 and get it running with graphic output and web browser by the end of august (
On NXP's i.MX8 processors it is able to run in ARM TrustZone while executing a Linux or Android VM with native graphics performance. Maybe this would also be possible on the Pinephone so one can easily use Linux applications or even switch between OSes when needed while keeping a secure and lightweight backbone running.
I thought to share it with you, so you might have a look at it and maybe try it when it's ready or even contribute to its development.
Very interesting. I'm very oriented to Mobian because I've been using Debian and derivatives for a long time and at this time Mobian works pretty well as my daily driver. It's very easy to try something different on the Pinephone though by booting from an SD card. Will have to keep an eye on this.
Just a quick update!

Today Genode 21.08 has been released (
It now has framebuffer support on the Pinephone.
Looking forward to this, myself! I bought a PinePhone just for the security offered by the microkernel architecture.
There has been quite some interesting progress, documented in the release notes for
Genode 22.08
including screenshots of the GUI

A separate forum entry about impressive power consumption experiments is in here the forum
Did you guys have any luck running the sculpt OS img on the pinephone? No matter if i use Balena, Rufus or any other img burner i cant seem to get it to boot. It just shows me the three red dots. Any help would be appreciated.
Regards Andi
I haven't tried yet. Sorry.
Thanks to the genode team for putting up a bmvery detailed guide for booting on the pinephone!
(12-01-2022, 01:51 AM)Andidoko Wrote: Thanks to the genode team for putting up a bmvery detailed guide for booting on the pinephone!

Do you have a link to the guide?
#10 perhaps?

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