First impressions and feedback on my Pine64 experience
I got my 2GB few days back. Objective was to use as a media center. Ethernet on Android did not work. Tried with newest Android release 2 days back, still ethernet fails. Installed Ubuntu, ethernet was better but could not get desktop to work. Finally installed the latest Debian release with desktop, its now fine to use as a desktop. Kodi is built into the image, nice. Kodi in full window is not usable however as said in the release notes, in non-windowed mode, Kodi is very slow and does not recognize SMB etc.

Any suggestion or alternatives to try, please suggest to make it a full fledged media center box. Thanks.
We are awaiting some clarification on the mali drivers for linux, once we get that figured out Kodi will perform far better at that point.

Do you have a Wifi module on the pine?
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Cheers Big Grin
I do have wifi...but whenever i turn ON, i don't see any open SSID at all, looks WiFi is broken.

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