Which PineNote would you prefer?
without modem as announced
internal 3g/5g modem, higher price
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What sort of peripherals would you like to see for the PineNote? Internal 3g/5g modem
if additional cost is under $5 add modem, if not not necessary, leave it with wifi & BT
(08-22-2021, 04:54 PM)Arwen Wrote: I would like a slot for a M.2 device.. Probably only 30mm/42mm length. That way we can slide in a 4G/5G MODEM, updated WiFi module, or LoRaWAN. The range might not be perfect, but the option would be nice.

And in specialized cases, someone could install different peripherals, like a M.2 NVMe card for storage of graphic novels.

The second thing I would have liked to seen, is a series of 4 gold dots on one edge, perhaps bottom edge. This would be for USB 2 port and charging. Then we can have a docking station that supplies power AND possibly wired network, (over the USB 2 pair). My Samsung tablet has such. Even my old HP TouchPad from 2010 had a docking station that charged it.

I like the idea to make it HW extendible, but maybe some pogo pins (external or internal) might already be an option. Or and internal USB header.
Thinking about the docking station, perhaps something slightly simpler can be made:
  • Use USB-C for external power. Meaning the docking station does not come with a power brick. Either use your own USB-C power brick or buy one that suits your needs.
  • Support a USB Type A port, (or 2), powered from USB-C port, not tablet
This would allow the use of wired network through an USB Type A to Ethernet dongle. Or a (Micro)SD card reader. Even different wireless networking, as long as a USB version is available. (Of course, all would need software support. But that is a bit of the point using Open Source software. You get to choose what you use.)

That way, the cost would be reduced and leave the choice of what might be added to the user.

Ideally, the recessed gold dots / pogo pins would be for USB 3 speeds. Instead of 4 contacts, it would be 10:
  • 1 for positive power
  • Ground
  • 2 for USB 2 half-duplex channel
  • Ground
  • 2 for USB 3 transmit
  • Ground
  • 2 for USB 3 receive
Then if you have to transfer files to / from the tablet it would not be limited to the USB 2's 480Mbps half duplex channel.
Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale
I would pay the higher price for the version with a 3g/5g modem, but I will still buy the device without it. It would just be a neat feature for those who don't want to have to carry a phone along with it.
a camera would be nice for scanning documents and qr/bar codes. even something like the 2mp pinephone front camera would suffice for my usecase since it would ve monochrome and close up, so graininess and green tint wouldnt be an issue.
I’m not sure if this is too late for input.

I would request a port to allow LoRA and at minimum have a GPS.

From reading the forum i know people are interested in reading from their books but that’s why there is a kindle or boox. This is a pine device allow us to have hardware on off controls just like the pine64. This device outside of reading a book could allow the users to access topographical maps for those who enjoy the great outdoors, or being off grid.

There was a device years ago called meetearl great idea but the maker could not produce the device and i think that Pine not only has the expertise but can have the drive to make unique devices that you can not normally find a dime a dozen.
The one single thing that made me refrain from purchasing the current PineNote is the absence of an SD card slot.

I already own two Boyue (Note & Mimas) 10" e-ink devices with SD card for pdf reading and consider this feature indispensable.

The availability of bootable external SD storage for side loading or creating offline backups is a definite must IMHO.
Devices: Pinebook Pro & Pinephone (Braveheart)
- gps module for the occasional topographic maps
- barometric sensor to adopt xcsoar flight computer onto an even bigger e-ink screen for paraglider flying (ms5611 or equivalent? idk)
- loudspeaker
- lora

admittedly a bit of a homer simpson car build

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