Bluetooth: When discoverable? When pairable?
Hello all:

I just got my PineTime 4 days ago. Very nice bit of kit!

Where can I find somewhere that documents under what circumstances the PineTime is discoverable (advertises) and under what circumstances the PineTime is pairable?

Based on some experimentation, after a reset (button held for 10 seconds), the PineTime advertises and can be paired. Then, after a few minutes, it stops advertising and can not be paired.

However, looking through the InfiniTime source, it would seem to read that there is *no* limit on the amount of time that the PineTime advertises. Take a look at these two comments, for example:
"// For now, the advertising is restarted as soon as it ends. There may be a race condition that prevent the advertising from restarting reliably."
"// We already have a bond with the peer, but it is attempting to establish a new secure link.  This app sacrifices security for convenience: just throw away the old bond and accept the new link."

These comments make it sound like the PineTime never stops advertising, and never stops being available to pair (even when already paired!)

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