Icecat on Pine H64
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(03-18-2022, 10:25 AM)rgreen Wrote: [quote pid="108200" dateline="1647538128"]
Does anyone have any further suggestions? This feels tantalisingly close to working so would really appreciate getting this over the line!

N.B. I’m running a few weeks’ old build of Mobian from a 512Gb microSD card, rather than from the eMMC, don’t know if that’s important to mention.

I'm wondering if you couldn't statically link build?

Or something as simple as setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/aarchlibs/ before you run build. ie:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/aarch64 make

Thank you for your reply! Would you mind awfully spelling out what that means (as if I was a 5 year old) ; I’m a NOOB and can follow along/understand but have little idea what certain terms (like “statically link build” or “LD_LIBRARY_PATH”) mean because I feel very much still at the start of the learning curve.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “run build” here either because in the context of my previous “guix install icecat” attempts, I could understand that being built/compiled but in the context of my running “./icecat” or “./run-icecat” attempts, I didn’t think there was anything to “build” per se as I had already installed TFP’s pre-built package? Rather, I was expecting the Icecat browser to simply open but then this missing libraries issue popped up.

gotcha. I didn't catch you had a pre-built package. preamble - I only slightly understand all this but the ldconfig is the related program in linux. run "man ldconfig" if you want to know more.

When you build software you can statically or dynamically link the libraries it uses.  At run-time dynamically linked builds have to go searching the system for libraries and if it doesn't know where to get the libraries it obviously won't find them.

to get around this you can set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH system variable and run the program in the same line.  Something like:
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/you/libs ./icecat
But Linus will tell you that is a bad practice.  You should learn and understand how ldconfig does the magic bits.... I'll let you know when I fully grok that too. lol.

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