What's your experience with the updated touchpad firmware?
Feels nearly perfect
Better, but still not issue-free
No real improvements
Firmware update failed
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Finally... The touchpad works great!
Ok, Have spent an adequate amount of time with it now. For me the trackpad works great, no real complaints other than (unrelated to what this firmware provides) the poor palm detection. If I could have adequate palm detection or the ability to adjust the sensitivity it would remove my very last trackpad gripe.
Thanks a lot for this! I've just successfully updated my 2021 PBP with a SH61F83 chip successfully.
I had never flashed firmware before so I don't know anything about how many write cycles my chip has been through.
I can't say it's safe to do it but I am now happy that I've tried it and it worked.

The improvement of the touchpad is very clear. The cursor won't drag on anymore when I try to accurately move it into a small area like a button, which was a major disturbance.
How did the 50-100 Write check go? I'd like to update my firmware, but I am kinda scared to mess up my firmware. I've already flashed my chip once when I changed the keyboard as the pine64 support told me to.

~ UB

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