RTL8370 Ethernet Switch Register Values
I have a modified clusterboard using the original CAD, but cannot get any data over the network switch using default register values.

I've tried to get the values from the 24C08A SPI flash chip on an original board but broke it while removing it. 

Is there a data file or documented register values available for the SPI falsh I can use?

The original board seems to need these parameters tow work both ways properly, so I suppose it is mandatory, unless there are some changes to the boot strap resisitors that would make it work at least at 100Mb/s.

I've dumped the EEPROM, my dump can be found here: https://github.com/renzenicolai/uboot-pi...eeprom.bin

Changing the contents is a work in progress, but the format is: little-endian 16-bit integers, first word is the address of the last entry to read, rest of the file is entries consisting of address and value pairs.
Many thanks Renze!
Please share your PCB improvements with Pine64 Smile

Maybe (given the problems of the Clusterboard with the new SoEdge module) it will convince them to make a new version. Although it seems a bit like an abandoned product category by now.

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