Trustzone support for Rock64

The documentation for Rock64 mentions of support for Trustzone. Also, the Trusted Firmware A (TF-A) has "plat/rockchip/rk3328". Are there any instructions on how to build and test TF-A and OP-TEE on Rock64?

I am asking because I would like to purchase one if it is supported, and recommend to others depending on evaluation results.
I have already placed an order for one Rock64 board, and expected to arrive on Monday. Evaluating Trustzone, specifically with OP-TEE, is the reason for purchasing the board. I find the sources for Trusted Firmware A (TF-A) ported for Rock64, so I believe TF-A will be able to boot u-boot/linux. But I have not found whether and how OP-TEE can be built for Rock64.

Can anyone help please?

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