(Gnome) Maps won't start on Mobian?
I am still in early exploration phases, but I am pretty sure I was able to open and look around in Maps (the default program, which is apparently Gnome Maps) before.  But not lately.

I don't recall doing much (if anything) out of the ordinary.  Also I have been upgrading via terminal with apt update && apt upgrade (after reading of some problems updating via GUI).

Just curious if anyone else have also noticed this?
Does it mean no window is show up after you tap the icon?
I don't have such a problem on mobian unstable.
I had a problem of "no internet" message show up when running gnome-maps without Wi-Fi, but it also does not occur for me now.

Do you get any error message when you run gnome-maps from terminal?
Nothing happens at all. It goes to the last opened app (or whatever, like it does when preparing to open something) but nothing ends up happening.

But now it's worse. I can't boot all the way into Mobian at all. I mean it boots, I can see the Debian logo screen, but then the screen turns black (backlight on) but nothing more. No idea if this is related or not.

I guess I will need to try the convergence dock and try to ssh in, or...? And if I run out of ideas, maybe just start over from scratch flashing the SD card again...

Once I can get past current issues, I will try your good suggestion of launching from terminal.
Just wanted to update.

I ended up re-installing Mobian (this time to internal eMMC).  The problem has gone away, of course.

I would have liked to know why it happened though.  I do recall maybe borking something during one apt update (by allowing screen to time out maybe?) when I was first starting out.  In fact I suspect I may have broken Debian (it certainly wouldn't have been the first time! Big Grin ).  I didn't take any notes at that time, so I guess now I will never really know.

Well, onward and upward...

Public Service Announcement  Idea

ssh server is not installed by default (at least on Mobian).  So I have installed it now.  And I also have written JumpDrive to an old, tiny SD card I had laying around (as JumpDrive itself is quite small).  So I now have 2 potential recovery methods next time (inevitably...) something goes sideways.

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