Manjaro Image
Now that we have working LAN, we can link this image here Smile

The image is updated weekly.


pacman -Syu

you can then update it.

  • LAN
  • PCIe
  • USB2
Not Working
  • USB3
  • SATA-Port
  • HDMI

Quote:If there is no battery plugged into the board, the jumper labelled "ON/OFF_BATT" must be in place. If this is set wrong, stability issues such as failures to boot will occur.

Thank you Dan!
Sorry for any mistakes. English is not my native language

1. RP64 v2.1 / PCIe SATA JMS585 Chipsatz / Booting from an 2,5 Zoll SSD on port 5/ 2 * 3,5 Zoll 4TB HDD (raid1) md0 / 2 * 2,5 Zoll 2TB HDD (raid1) md1 / using as NAS / Kernel 5.6.0-1137-ayufan-ge57f05e7bf8f

2. RP64 v2.1 / testing.....testing....testing

3. Quartz64 Model A with 4GB RAM
Just received my first of 2 quartz64s, will likely try this soon. I like manjaro and have it on multiple PINE devices (the phone and PBP right now I think).
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs
How do I even boot this thing?
I've downloaded manjaro image from gintub, flashed it with dd to an sd-card... and I get nothing.
I know that hdmi doesn't work yet, but LAN port doesn't have a link either (tried turning off autonegotiation on the switch, tried 100m 100m, no luck).
Tried various power/reset inputs - still no luck.
SoC gets barely warm, so there is definitely something going on with an angry pixies inside Smile
I have flashed the latest image from manjaro for quartz github repo, and got as far as getting an output on UART, but it remains stuck while booting the kernel...

I have a jumper on ON/OFF_BAT pins, and get stuck on the following:

                                          Disk: /dev/sda
                        Size: 29.12 GiB, 31268536320 bytes, 61071360 sectors
                    Label: gpt, identifier: 8551F660-0661-4597-8AF9-EA3B6AFC5F42

   Device                   Start            End        Sectors        Size Type
>>  Free space                2048          16383          14336          7M                           
   /dev/sda1                16384          30719          14336          7M Microsoft basic data
   Free space               30720          62499          31780       15.5M                           
   /dev/sda2                62500         500000         437501      213.6M EFI System
   /dev/sda3               500001        3291102        2791102        1.3G Linux filesystem
   Free space             3291136       61071326       57780191       27.6G                          

Jumping to U-Boot(0x00a00000) via ARM Trusted Firmware(0x00)
Total: 218.346 ms

INFO:    Preloader serial: 2
NOTICE:  BL31: v2.3():v2.3-135-gcda1658bc-dirty:xsf
NOTICE:  BL31: Built : 19:32:20, Jun  2 2021
INFO:    GICv3 without legacyr initialized in EL3
INFO:    pmu v1 is valid
INFO:    dfs DDReq_mhz= 1056MHz
INFO:    dfs DDR fsp_param[1].freq_mhz= 324MHz
INFO:    dfs DDR fsp_param[2].f   dfs DDR fsp_param[3].freq_mhz= 780MHz
INFO:    Using opteed sec cpu_context!
INFO:    boot INFO:    BL31: Initializing runtime services
INFO:    BL31: Initializing BL32
I/TC: Start rockchip platform init
I/TC: Rockchip release version: 1.0
I/TC: OP-TEE ve 2021 aarch64
I/TC: Initialized
INFO:    BL31: Preparing for E to normal world
INFO:    Entry point address = 0xa00000
INFO:    SPSR = 0x3c9

U-Boot 2017.09 (Jun 26 2021 - 13:03:27 +0000)

Model: PineRK3566 Quartz64 Board
PreSerial: 2, raw, 0xfe660000
DRAM:  7.7 GiB
Sysmem: init
Relocation Offset: ed39f000, fdt: eb9f9fbdwmmc@fe2b0000: 1, dwmmc@fe2c0000: 2, sdhci@fe310000: 0
Bootdev(atags): mmc 0
MMC0: HS200, 200Mhz
PartType: EFI
No misc partition
boot mode: None
FIT: No boot partition
No r
   Failed to load DTB
Failed to get kernel dtb, ret=-19
io-domain: OK
MMC error: The cmd index is 1, ret is -110
Card did not respondct!
mmc_init: -95, time 10
** Bad device mmc 1 **
Using default environment

Model: Pine64 RK3566 Quartz64 Board
rockchip_set_serialno: could not find efuse/otp device
CLK: (syarm: enter 816000 KHz, init 816000 KHz, kernel 0N/A)
 apll 816000 KHz
 dpll 528000 KHz
 gp npll 24000 KHz
 vpll 24000 KHz
 hpll 24000 KHz
 ppll 100000 KHz
 armclk 816000 KHz
 aclk_bus 150000 KHz
 pclk_bus 5KHz
 aclk_top_high 300000 KHz
 aclk_top_low 200000 KHz
 hclk_top 150000 KHz
 pclk_top 50hclk_perimid 150000 KHz
 pclk_pmu 50000 KHz
Net:   clk_get_by_name(master_bus) failed: -22eqo failed: -22No ethernet found.
Hit key to stop autoboot('CTRL+C'):  0  
## Booting FIT Image FIT: No boot partition
FIT: No FIartition
ANDROID: reboot reason: "(none)"
optee api revision: 2.0
TEEC: Waring: Could not find security partition
Not AVB images, AVB skip
android_image_lot find part: boot
Android image load failed
Android boot failed, error -1.
MMC error: The cmd index is 1, ret is -110
Card did not respond
mmc0(part 0) is current device
Scanning mmc 0:2...
Found /extlinux/extlinux.conf
Retrieving file: /extlinux/extlinreading /extlinux/extlinux.conf
285 bytes read in 15 ms (18.6 Ki        Manjaro ARM
Retrieving file: /initramfs-linux.img
reading /initramfs-linux.img
7788335 bytes read in 59 ms (125.9 MiB/s)
Retrieving file: /Imareading /Image
29518336 bytes read in 187 ms (150.5 MiB/s)
append: initrd=/initramfs-linux.img root=PARTUUID=d35c868c-5a33-4bae-b2f6-f0cb5b2aac3a rw earlycon=uart8250,mmio32,,1500000n8 s
Retrieving file: /dtbs/rockchip/rk3566-reading /dtbs/rockchip/rk3566-quartz64-a.dtb
104865 bytes read in 28 ms (3.6 MiB/s)
Fdt Ramdisk skip relocation
## Flattened Device Tree blob at 0x0a100000
  Booting using the fdt blob at 0x0a100000
  Using Device Tree in place at 000000000a100000, end 000000000a11c9a0
can't found rockchip,drm-logo, use rockchip,fb-logo
WARNING: could not set reg FDT_ERR_BADOFFSET.
failed to reserve fb-loader-logo memory
Adding bank: 0x00200000 - 0x08400000 (sisize: 0xe6c00000)
Adding bank: 0x100000000 - 0x200000000 (size: 0x100000000)
Total: 786.452 ms

Starting kernel ...

[    0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0000000000 [0x412fd050]
[    0.000000] Linux verGCC) 10.2.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils) 2.35) #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 17 12:52:46 UTC 2021
[    0.000ne64 RK3566 Quartz64-A Board
[    0.000000] earlycon: uart8250 000] printk: bootconsole [uart8250] enabled
[    3.048209] rockchip-usb2phy fe8a0000.usb2-phy: failed to cre[    3.067859] arm-scmi firmwareConfusedcmi: Failed. SCMI protocol 2e
[    3.496594] arm-scmi firmwareConfusedcmi: Failed. SCMI protocol 19 not active.
[    3.499908] arm-scmi firmwareConfusedcmi: Failed. SCMI protocol 17 [    3.561017] rockchip-dw-pcie 3c0000000.pcie: invalid resour)
Starting version 249.4-1-arch


and then nothing anymore... Am I missing something? I would expect to get a prompt after a while, or something. thx!

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