Problems with Twinkle SIP Application, strerror_r is not available
I am having trouble with the Twinkle SIP application.

I am able to use Zoiper on my laptop, but Zoiper won't run in PinePhone. (If I am wrong, please send me a link so I can install.)

For the Zoiper app, I use the following information:

username (123456)
password (135790)
and the SIP server

I put these in Twinkle and when I try to connect, I get an error:

Failed to create a UDP socket (SIP) on port 5060

strerror_r is not available: 98

I am also not sure where I should be putting the information I have into Twinkle in order to log in correctly. Twinkle has many, many options and I did my best, but it just won't seem to connect.

Does anyone know what to do?

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