Suddenly everything onscreen is tiny!
I booted up my beta edition pinephone this morning, and everything on screen is half the size it was yesterday. Icons are tiny, text is tiny, everything is hard to see.  

I restarted it, this time without having the docking bar plugged in, and everything was back to normal size.  It looks like booting with the docking bar plugged in is what caused that?  

Does anyone know what happened, and how to do/undo that without rebooting? I looked in the settings, but can't yet find anything that applies.
Manjaro Phosh has two settings, 200% which is the default and looks like a smartphone and 100% where everything is tiny and you can see the whole desktop for big windows that do not scale, you can find the setting in the display properties
Thanks. I should have said that I'm using Plasma. Does it have something equivalent in the settings? Is there a command line way to get there?
Settings > Display Configuration

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