Pathway to for Apps to Unstable and Stable Repositories
I have looked over the wiki and have not found an answer to the process to get an app submitted and included in unstable with a pathway to stable.
there is the wishlist in the wiki,
but that is simply a page anyone can submit a source link and some comments.
For example, there is a Pinephone native app called compass which is being tested on other pine compatible OSs and has been tested in Mobian as well
How are apps like this built by community members nominated for inclusion?
Back in the Maemo(Nokia n900 and linux mini tablets) days there were apps which could submitted to the contrib repo as well as a stable unstable and testing repo as well as a nokia app store repo.  They all built from source on a repo autobuilder and it was mostly a community effort with little Nokia involvement until they handed everything to the Maemo community when they exited the mobile Linux space.
At this point I would understand that the effort is to be first with a daily driver means that system and core apps are the focus secondary apps are not a priority; the wishlist might be the one nomination space, but official confirmation would be nice
Mobian is an overlay for Debian Bullseye, so for the latter you would have to follow Debian's process. For Mobian specific packages I would open an issue on their GitLab tracker.

Edit: Mobian specific info on how to add packages can be found here (package must be reviewed by 1 Debian developer, 2 Debian maintainers and 4 Mobian maintainers).

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