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(07-31-2017, 01:22 PM)KryPtAlIvIaN Wrote: Alot is activity happens in the IRC, you should check it out. I actually just turned my Pine into a VPN Server(will post my tutorial soon). I also plan to setup one with WebServer, and TVHeadend( basically your own HD Homerun).

You have to agree that in the beginning the marketing was focusing on kodi and then it just died on the wayside.
I thought there would have been a video accelerated version of openelec just for the pine64 the way they talked in there videos but sadly i was mistaken Angry
Hi abs0lut.zer0,

Somehow, I know why you are so disappointed and for Linux I totally agree. But for me at least Kodi and HW acceleration works fine with Ayufan's Android 6.0. Have you checked this?

Openelec and Libreelec decide by themselves which devices will be supported. For Rock64 I have seen some work for Libreelec, but for Pine64 not.

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