Matrix as bridge hub for chats
Hey! With the current way the chats are bridged across different platforms, I find it difficult to visually distinguish messages from people on other platforms, because they all come from Pine64 Protocol Bot, with the same username and avatar (though the reference to C3PO is amusing <3).

I'm far not an expert in the topic, but as I know Matrix bridges can provide much better integration, passing actual usernames and avatars accross the bridge. There are bridges for many platforms, including discord, telegram and IRC: Most of them can be self-hosted or use third-party hosting, such as

So maybe we could try to bridge Pine64 chats around Matrix? We could try it first with just one chat channel, maybe #offtopic, or create a test one, and see how it goes?

I'm almost sure someone brought it up before and won't be surprised if there are good reasons not to do this, and if so I'm sorry for making another thread, but I searched the forum for around 10 minutes and couldn't find anything related.

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