SSD Benchmarking on PBP
I've recently received my new PBP. Before setting up a new system, I tend to benchmark things to see what it can do and spot out any issues. I thought it might be interesting to other readers to know my results, and I am sharing them here.

I'm using a PBP with a Kingston A2000 SSD. I was able to install it without issues and it is recognized on /dev/nvme0n1. I set the power level to 3 (sudo nvme set-feature /dev/nvme0 -f 2 -v 3) I created a gpt partition and formatted it as ext4. 

In order to benchmark it, I disabled swap (sudo swapoff /dev/zram0) and then used dd to write/read a 8GB file (2x physical memory size) multiple times on the nvme partition.

My results are an average write of 395MB/s and an average read of 590MB/s. I'm very happy with this result as it is a very low power setting and about 10x faster than I could achieve on a microSD card with a samsung chromebook plus.

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