PinePass - Mobile friendly GUI for pass
Hey Everyone,

I've created a simple GUI to access passwords stored with pass.
Right now, if you already have your pass repository setup on your device,
you can use PinePass to search for passwords and copy them to the clipboard.

Packaging is in a rough state right now, and no launcher entries are added but
you can check it out here:

It's still very experimental, so don't @ me if it eats your passwords. (Really don't think that will happen, but still...)

Love to hear feedback/questions.

Nice to see this!

You and should join forces... Smile
(04-30-2021, 01:53 AM)pajux Wrote: You and should join forces... Smile

If you consider joining forces and chrisu281080 does not want to, you could also try to contact
* or

(And that's only the GTK Pass GUI I know of, there are more based on QtQuick. Caerbannog is my favourite btw, it has the best icon.)

That said, thank you for posting about it here, I will try your app and add it to if that's okay!

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