Contacts not Importing
I am using the latest KDE Plasma PinePhone. 
The phone Contacts does not import from my Google account. Selecting the import feature
presents the file manager and a list of folders under the Home folder. I Tried importing a .csv file
but Manjaro would not process it. Somewhat confused as to how to get my contacts into the phone 
Address Book. A very basic function for any phone. Interesting that the contacts/address book works
not problems in Manjaro Plasma. Anyone have any help or suggestions?
(03-29-2021, 11:11 PM)mdshell Wrote: I am using the latest KDE Plasma PinePhone. 
I had no problems importing a .vcf file.
Actually I was positively surprised to find it to be already integrated as was the import of my .ics calendar to Calindori...
It would be even better if the Phonebook app would support birthdays field in contacts and Calindory would integrate them as a birthdays calendar...

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