Session start fails, need to reinstall?
I tried with bmap-tools from Trisquel repository on my desktop (amd86) , it is v3.4. I had the bmap file. The issue could be a syntax mistake, but since I wanted the result quickly and I knew that dd only takes a few minutes to flash a file that size on a microSD card, I thought it would be the case here too (and it was) so I gave up bmaptool without searching further.

I used bs=64k as in the example. In what sense is the result "better" with bs=512 as compared with bs=1M?

Besides, when it comes to writing to /dev/sdX, I have already read the advice to just use cp and indeed it worked. I always run sync after dd or cp in this case but I don't know whether it is really necessary.

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RE: Session start fails, need to reinstall? - by Avron - 03-24-2021, 08:48 AM

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