USB Wireless Drivers with Longsleep Linux Kernel
(06-10-2016, 11:26 PM)longsleep Wrote: You need to read the full post you linked. It has the information how to update the kernel.

I apologize I didn't see that.  I updated the kernel and rebooted. "uname -r" show I have "3.10.101-4-pine64-longsleep".

I still get the same two error when I try and run "make all" on the lwfinger rtl8188eu driver apart from the new kernel version in the output.

Also get the same error when trying to install via dkms except with the new kernel version number.

Should I keep trying to get this driver on the Pine or should I, at this point, just get a wifi dongle that uses one of the drivers you already have on the build?

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