OpenWrt image PineCube
Hello everyone. this is the first openwrt image for pinecube totally to test i dont think it is stable. enjoy...

- kernel 5.10.16
- u-boot 2021.04-rc1
- 1GB partition

github link:

gdrive image link:

ps: do not activate wireguard in menuconfig, it has a conflict since since kernel 5.6 wireguard is integrated in kernel and gives problems with the package in the openwrt repository.
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My way to get connection to the internet and to pinecube is to enter by serial and enter the following commands:

uci show network
uci set network.lan.proto = 'dhcp'
uci commit
service network reload

take note of the address, you can install luci with the following:

opkg update && opkg install luci

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