Fail safe way to update ANX7688 firmware
(02-28-2021, 10:03 AM)MtnSk8 Wrote: Hi, is the serial cable the only way into the pmos test image? I booted it, and it loaded the test utility and the automatic test bricked my modem after hanging on the "Upgrading EG25" (no idea why it was not just a "test" like the button I clicked suggested Smile .  Anyway my modem is not detected by any os and I don't have a serial cable. OP says "easiest way" but is it the only way? can I use a keyboard?


Hi MtnSk8,
i'm sorry but i can't help you out on this issue.
I guess you'll have to find out, how the pmos test images are build and how to add some kind of console access... maybe using USB cable.
I choosed this image, because it was just enough to start with and it is a fixed environment.
Though the serial cable is little bit special it just works (BTW, you'll have to switch of headphones with the kill switch).

For the bricked modem, it may help to find what the test initates when pressing the button.
Hopefully you're able to revive the modem part.


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