Fail safe way to update ANX7688 firmware
(02-17-2021, 03:38 PM)LazLong Wrote:
(02-17-2021, 01:54 PM)z3dd1cu55 Wrote: sorry for the maybe dumb question. But what's a "serial debug cable"
No dumb questions.

It is a 'usb to serial' adapter/cable device used to commmunicate and monitor/debug the boot up and system processes in single board computers and other devices.

Check out the wiki:

Note that a search in the forum with keywords such as 'Serial Console", "Serial Debug" "Serial Cable" will retrieve multiple discussions including a 3.3V/5V controversy regarding the PINEBOOK(Pro)/PINEPHONE/PINETAB SERIAL CONSOLE offered for $6.99 in the Pine Store

Various serial console debug devices are available from other retailers.  They may be either based on the CH340 or the FTDI TTL-232R chipset.  I have a FTDI.

Others may have words of wisdom.  Welcome and good luck.

Thanks for the answere.

So if I already have USB <-> D-Sub 9 adapter. Would it work to make a D-Sub 9 to headphone adapter by using one of each splicing the cables and connect the cables with the right pin order?

And if I had a working serial debug cable, when would I log in to set the bit for eeprom flash? Anytime after the normal boot? Or do I need to stop the bootloader from booting the kernel?
Do I need this serial debug cable or can I set the bit from userland?

Any feedback is appreciated Smile

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