OS for video communicator? (single purpose device)
I want to set up a PinePhone as a video communicator. It should boot straight into a video chatting application, for example Jitsi Meet:


What I do not want:
  • Ability to open arbitrary apps:
  • Ability to browse the web:
  • Ability to select a Jitsi server. (The server is preconfigured.)

What I may want, but later:
  • Ability to see battery status and data consumption.

  • Ability to connect to a WiFi network. Some public networks require authentication on a web page.
    For now, it is sufficient if the WiFi networks are preconfigured, and otherwise the phone is connected to the Internet via a mobile network.

  • Ability to receive phone calls, which are merged into the video chat.

  • Ability to make phone calls from the video chat.
  • Ability to connect an external web cam via USB.

What OS would be a good starting point?

What I am considering so far:
  • Preferred: Full Linux OS that boots into a locked down web browser which loads the Jitsi Meet URL. I may want to have the option to run a little web server which serves a web page with Jitsi embedded in an iframe.

  • Full Linux OS with the Jitsi Android app running e.g. Shashlik. I have just discovered Shashlik and have not yet tested it.

  • Android based OS with just the Jitsi App. The app opens when the device is turned on. There is no home screen. I’m not sure if that is even possible.

You mean something like this? If so, I'm guessing any linux distro would do but a debian-based one might be a place to start.
(02-02-2021, 02:52 PM)nas Wrote: You mean something like this?
Yes. I've done similar setups a few times on the desktop, always at least with a minimal window manager, though. Otherwise there are issues for example with popup windows and menus. In the case of the PinePhone I wonder if there is any advantage to go with Wayland instead of X.

Quote:If so, I'm guessing any linux distro would do but a debian-based one might be a place to start.
This article looks interesting. On the desktop I use Arch, although in the past I've used Debian. So either distro is fine with me, as long as it integrates well with the PinePhone. I.e. camera, microphone, 4G, and Wi-Fi should work without too much hassle, plus decent power saving, etc.

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