PineTime's 3d model

I'm wondering if it is possible to have the 3D models of the PineTime, and more specifically the models of the case.
I would like to 3D print the bottom part to do some experiments, like passing from 2 pins to 4 pins.

I believe @lupyuen pointed me in the direction of a 3D model perhaps a year ago or so...
I've made a quick search on the forum and found nothing. If you can retrieve a link this would be awesome!
Adn anyway an official 3d model could be cool if it could be provided. Big Grin
Maybe that provides you with a good starting point:
Indeed, I'll take a look, but I maintain that an official model would be cool. ^^
@Alfiory I think this was the one I was referring to. I don't believe a 3D model of the chassis exists exactly, because it is based on an already existing smart watch design to save money.
Hmm okay, do we have any info on the original watch ?
The best place to ask would be on Discord, but I don't believe there is much better out there currently.
I don't know, I think the only person that could have the info would be TL, but he's not on discord. ^^

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