PSA: check your /etc/fstab (if you're updating instead of re-flashing)
In older reference releases of Manjaro (e.g. the factory preloaded image on the Manjaro CE), the fstab entry for the boot partition used "LABEL=BOOT_MNJRO" as the identifier. Somewhere down the line, this changed to "UUID=fat-uuid". If you try to upgrade with the old "LABEL" line, the whole line becomes corrupted ("less" warns you it may be a binary file, the line is displayed as "^@" symbols), which causes random but frequent kernel panics and oopses, making the phone unusable.

What you need to do is run "blkid" (possibly as root), take note of the filesystem UUID (not PARTUUID) for the partition with LABEL=BOOT_MNJRO, and replace the corrupted line in /etc/fstab with the following:
UUID=your-uuid        /boot        vfat        defaults        0 0

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