Chromium doesn't seem to recognize that I'm on a mobile device
Until recently, Chromium was unusable on Mobian. I'm happy to say that it has quickly pulled into the lead for most usable Mobian browser. However, it often serves up the full, desktop version of siteswith a big, horizontal scroll bar.

Some sites display in the correct, responsive layout. But Google, for instance, runs off the page. Any idea why this is, and how to force it render sites properly?
Probably some websites assume that "if the UserAgent doesn't suggest that it's a mobile OS or mobile browser, then it has to be a desktop, no doubt about that!!".
Mobian is technically a mobile OS, but the Chromium you run on it is still the desktop version, so I guess in this case you'll need to manipulate the UserAgent (I'm using Qutebrowser which has this functionality built in, but Chromium has extensions for that).

Responsive websites will make use of the screen size, so you'll get to see the "mobile version" regardless of the UserAgent.
Don't ask me what UserAgent you should set it to, I don't bother with that.
I actually prefer the "desktop version" of websites anyway, since that's often the version that doesn't strip away useful information or functionality just to prevent people from scrolling horizontally.
Thank you, changing the user agent fixed this problem!

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