Pebble Smartwatch (inc source code)
For many smartwatch users the Pebble is still the grail wearable device.
Maebble on the N900 and perhaps other Maemo devices brought intergration to the last great Linux phone before Pinephone.
Maebble provides basic integration of SMS, time/date, and music control to the N900, but that is really all I need from a smartwatch which works on it's own as a great watch with useful timers, compass, alarms, and health monitor watch apps as well as fun/useful watchfaces even when not connected and lasts a week to a charge, that epaper display is great unless your device has the screen tearing issue occasionaly and you need to replace the zebra strip.

here is the maemo garage page for Maebble, it is just some python2 and bash scripts and some conf files

it is based on libpebble

probably only needs tweaks on where to get notification and how to send back/forward/pause/volume/ for system music control

If function can be translated from dialler for pebble and gadgetbridge apps(both FOSS) we could have a full featured pebble(and other watches) suite on the Pinephone.

I realize that right now basic function for a full daily driver stable buils with basic functionality as a phone comes first; but I want the links available in the forum all together for the future.

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