list of linux native apps/softwares for pinephone on the wiki

Could it be possible to list the linux native apps/softwares for pinephone (or mobile) on the wiki ? They're often distribution independant… Maybe, with a litlle sum up of the working functionalities, a link to some git repo, etc…

I like the idea of there being a central database, but the amount of available apps you can install already is staggering, and each app is at various degrees of usable or broken. I'm not sure even the apps that come preinstalled on each distro are in a state where the devs behind them are satisfied with their performance.

There's tons of moving parts to why apps would not work well either, and sometimes it isn't even the app's fault. Purism's Phosh is still pretty rough around the edges.

It would be awesome though if someone in the community with web-dev experience were to make a community website like or maybe , where everyone can test apps and contribute easily.
There is a page on the Mobian wiki with some apps that work

I'm not sure if it's quite what you're looking for but I find it very useful
There are such lists for Librem 5, and the apps should work at least on a Pinephone with Phosh:
(01-04-2021, 08:14 AM)fsflover Wrote: There are such lists for Librem 5, and the apps should work at least on a Pinephone with Phosh:

That helps, thanks. On the first page there's also a link to

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