Pinecil arrived

My Pinecil has just arrived today.
So far I like it - I have not used it extensively but soldered the break out board using it which arrived together with the soldering iron.
It worked well.

I have tried to supply it using different power supplies.
Using a 100W PD capable power supply, it could go up to 20V and its heating was very fast.
I have also tried other Baseus QC chargers and it could go up to 12V which is a limit of the charger.
I also have a Baseus power bank which theoretically supports up to 12V but it could go up to 9V for some reasons, however, it has also worked.

So it even worked at 12V using the cheapest Baseus QC charger I have - as far as I know, these are not PD chargers but QC, however, I may be wrong.

I am satisfied how it is working and also with its functions.
I feel the handling of menu system is also good considering the two buttons.
The boost function is also an interesting function.

I always wanted a good pocket soldering iron which I can have in my bag in case I need it.
I plan to also buy a USB PD 20V compatible power bank so I may use its full capabilities even far from a power outlet.

So far I think it is perfect for me and it worth the money.
I recommend it. Smile

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