Spurious headphone detection interrupts
In regards to the serial console for the Pinebook Pro.

My thought was to add a MicroUSB & FT232R, (or other serial to USB chip), to a new, replacement daughter / small board. The main board has the serial TX, RX & GND easily available as solder pads. Using a 3 wire cable from the main board to the new daughter / small board would be trivial. If properly designed, I'd have the power for the FT232R come from the external source. That way, no power drain from the Pinebook Pro, ever, (whether the serial console is in use or not).

This avoids "sharing" the headphone jack with serial console.

With the state of the world at present, my "project" is on hold.

Their might even be some additional tweaks to the design. Their are 2 un-used USB 2.0 ports on the internal USB hub. (The other 2 ports on that internal hub are for the keyboard & camera if I remember correctly.) An externally accessible switch could change the new MicroUSB port from console to USB 2.0. Just a thought. Or even a second MicroUSB port instead. (Not sure if their is physical height room for a USB Type A connector...)
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