Spurious headphone detection interrupts
Why would the ES8316 not have the same problem with spurious audio interrupts?  If the audio signal is above a logic 1 to the RK3399 and the ES8316 uses the same levels...

An example RS232 to USB chip would be a FT232R.  There are some that give you a few USB controllable GPIO lines in addition to the serial port, which would be super useful for recovery from a bad bootloader in eMMC or NOR flash.  RS-232 to USB is more specific term, as there are UARTs which are not RS-232, such as RS-422 and RS-485.

There is no need for a full size USB type B port.  No one uses those anymore.  A normal micro or mini USB port is used.  Plenty of space for that.

There's no significant power drain.  The chip is powered via the USB bus so that is draws its power form the host over USB instead of locally.

The cost is minimal.  Miniusb ports are very cheap.  Less than the $7 a cable costs.

If the PBP was meant to be purchased by people who never user a console, then it really needed a bootloader with a working user interface and recovery system, like ChromeOS has.  The barely functional u-boot still used is hardly enough.  Without a robust bootloader and software, they really should have provided a recovery console that doesn't require opening the device up to flip a switch, disabled the headphone output, and connect a special cable.

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