Spurious headphone detection interrupts
I'm sorry for the delay; I finally had an opportunity to test this.

I don't see multiple interrupts during audio playback, nor during start nor stop, without plugging anything in.

However, I do see anywhere from 1 to 11 interrupts upon plugging in headphones (or in this case unpowered speakers today). This is of course only during audio playback. But the ISR always gets it right: I never have a situation where audio is playing out the wrong speakers. (I do have at least one Android phone which does this upon multiple rapid plug/unplug events).

So clearly the audio being the source of the interrupt logic level is defeating the debounce. But what I found odd is that I cannot get multiple interrupts upon unplugging the headphones. Only when plugging them in. Unplugging generates exactly one no matter how much I try to bugger it.

I should also add that I'm still not seeing any spurious interrupts without headphone jack activity such as you are seeing.

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