Spurious headphone detection interrupts
Regarding the lack of separation beween the left and right channels, it was up to the ALSA mixer setting named "DAC Stereo Enhancement", which defaulted to 100%.  Apparently, this setting was implemented to allow better support for ES8316-equipped devices that have a single speaker.

With this setting at 0%, there's zero "mirroring" of the left channel to the right channel and vice versa, and at 100% there's almost complete "mirroring" between the channels.  Having it at anything over 0% produces somewhat "fuller" sound, but the sound image becomes very distorted, which can be appreciated only when comparing the effects of 0% and 100% directly.

The above-described behavior applies to both the built-in speakers and the headphones, but it was much less noticable when using speakers.  By the way, speaker-test is a very useful utility; for example, run it as "speaker-test -t wav -c 2".

Long story short, this resolves one of the open issues, and may also help in achieving better sound quality on PineBook Pro. Smile

Could you, please, check the generation of headphone detection interrupts on your wife's PineBook Pro, while there's music playback?  Are there multiple interrupts generated upon unplugging the headphones, with active music playback?

Edit: I've also updated the PineBook Pro wiki to include a reference to this post, as the provided information may be helpful to other users.

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