Spurious headphone detection interrupts

I have observed generation of spurios headphone detection interrupts on my second-batch PineBook Pro.  The interrupt count increases with no headphones being plugged in or out, which is obviously not the expected behavior.  I have also verified that music playback through internal speakers does not cause the tnterrupt count to increase.

You can check the above-described interrupt count by running something like this:

cat /proc/interrupts | grep Headphone

This is what I get as the output for the command above, after about six hours of uptime:

73:   6   0   0   0   0   0   rockchip_gpio_irq   8 Edge   Headphone detection

Of course, there should be a total of zero interrupts generated, instead of six as visible above.

I already looked at the PineBook Pro schematic, board DTS file, and the ES8316 driver in the Linux kernel.  However, I'd refrain from spending a lot of time digging into this, until we can establish it as a known, non-isolated issue.

Could anyone, please, confirm the above-described issue?

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