DietPi OS for ROCK64
(12-22-2020, 03:25 PM)MichaIng Wrote: @tophneal
Many thanks for restoring the threads!

I updated the ROCK64 image on December 16 and the Wiki page on December 17 midday to point to that same image. That one failed on your board or did you probably use the older one? If it was the new image, could you go a bid more into detail on which boot step it fails, e.g. do you see any output on screen (or serial console, if attached)?

Sorry I did not reply right away! The model I have is the Rock64 1GB model. I am unsure of what version it is. Here is a picture I took of the front/back of the unit.

It's mounted with double-side tape to my network enclosure, and unfortuantly, I do not have a monitor to connect it to. 

I tried this version the other day:

It looks normal after I first plug the power in. Ethernet adapter starts blinking, activity lights blink for a few minutes, but after awhile one of the activity lights just starts blinking a constant red blink, almost as if it halted on boot.
Sorry for the outstanding reply. I kept looking at the blue counter for private messages instead of the grey counter for alters/notifications Sad. Your issue sounds similar like:

I'll re-create the image, let's hope it helps.
Thanks, Michalng, On Rock64, DietPi works very well.

PiVPN with wireguard works & access home network from outside.

How to Auto turn off monitor connected with HDMI after 5 mins or 10 mins? (So that we can run headless unless required to do some changes) & click on the keyboard, the monitor turns on?

Thanks in advance.
Many thanks for your feedback.

Do you run it with a desktop? We actively prevent DPMS-based power management as it does not work well when using monitoring tools, Chromium kiosk mode, video playback etc. But you can rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/98-dietpi-disable_dpms.conf or use an override config to re-nable it (when supported by screen).

But that is for combination with an X server/desktop. Not sure whether/how this is possible when running the local console only.
Thanks for the reply Michalng,

No, I do not run in desktop mode. I run in headless mode & use SSH. Rock64 also connected to the monitor and keyboard (if required to use directly).
Does setterm --powersave powerdown to use the VESA powerdown feature?
If so, try setterm --powerdown 5 to power down after 5 minutes. But it does not work with every screen that way.

Another thing to try:
apt install vbetool
vbetool dpms on
But I think that is only for manually blanking screen, not automatic timeout.
The Raspberry Pi does support full micropython development However some python files are no installed in dietpi version
any idea on how to fix it.  I get up to ./run-tests and it fails and STUCK on Step 4
SO I posted in dietpi forum and the solution is some python library
any idea which one
This is a PINE64 forum and this thread about the ROCK64 SBC, not about the Raspberry Pi. Please see my reply at the DietPi forum: I guess its a Buster vs Bullseye issue, respectively one of the changed toolchain.
Ok my Rasberry Pi is dead so I had to use my Pine64 with 2GB of RAM  I am using DietPI running on pine64  And Rock64 has similar hardware as Pine64 expect for few differences So I posted it here I am using micropython to develope PineTime using Wasp-os While there Raspbian OS works well I have some issues with Dietpi running on Pine64 as a development platform.
Ah okay. Let's keep discussing on the DietPi forum, as it is not an SBC-specific question.

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