Contact app broken on edge
Been seeing a problem with the Edge version now for over a week.  Can anyone else duplicate it?

Open Contacts.  View one, edit it.  Open the additional fields with the three dots and fill something in, I have been using Nickname.  Save.  Wait.  Contacts closes abnormally and going back you find the edit didn't stick.

This is in ~/.cache/tinydm.log
dbus-daemon[3021]: [session uid=10000 pid=3021] Activating service name='org.gnome.Contacts' requested by ':1.17' (uid=10000 pid=3087 comm="/usr/libexec/phosh ")
dbus-daemon[3021]: [session uid=10000 pid=3021] Successfully activated service 'org.gnome.Contacts'

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): folks-WARNING **: 13:27:44.604: backend-store.vala:435: Error preparing Backend 'telepathy': The name org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager was not provided by any .service files

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): gnome-contacts-CRITICAL **: 13:27:51.008: contacts_fake_individual_set_primary_persona: assertion 'self != NULL' failed

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): folks-WARNING **: 13:27:51.056: email-details.vala:55: Empty e-mail address passed to EmailFieldDetails.

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): folks-WARNING **: 13:27:51.092: phone-details.vala:72: Empty phone number passed to PhoneFieldDetails.

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): folks-WARNING **: 13:27:53.381: url-details.vala:91: Empty URI passed to UrlFieldDetails.

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): folks-WARNING **: 13:27:53.444: postal-address-details.vala:285: Empty postal address passed to PostalAddressFieldDetails.

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): folks-WARNING **: 13:27:53.509: note-details.vala:78: Empty note passed to NoteFieldDetails.

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): folks-WARNING **: 13:28:13.789: postal-address-details.vala:285: Empty postal address passed to PostalAddressFieldDetails.

** (caribou:3330): WARNING **: 13:28:21.833: daemon.vala:120: error in focus handler: Timeout was reached

(org.gnome.Contacts:3758): gnome-contacts-ERROR **: 13:28:44.538: contacts-fake-persona-store.vala:401: Couldn't write property: Unknown error setting property ‘postal-addresses’: Changing the ‘postal-addresses’ property failed due to reaching the timeout.
Pretty sure nothing is randomly corrupted on my phone.  apk audit --system --check-permissions comes back clean.  Made a fresh user account and set it as the autologin user and it still happens.

Another, possibly related, issue is when SMS messages appear, sometimes you can click them to view, sometimes you click and nothing happens.  I'm on a paygo plan that sends a billing notice showing remaining balance, etc. after every transaction.  Been getting billing notices and no call or text to go with it.
Ok, a few updates have rolled by and it still does it. Website, nickname, birthday or note will trigger it. Entering an address won't.
Ok, have now experimented some more.  The latest multi-boot image exhibits the same bug on PMOS-Phosh.  On Manjaro-Phosh the Contacts app has different issues but all fields can be edited and they stick without crashing.  Whatever it is, it is specific to PMOS but not limited to Edge.
Maybe related to:

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