Software store doesnt generate anything in "Explore"
I confirm this too, in Software under the "Explore" tab nothing is ever being listed.

However, it is possible to do a search, and if anything is found - then a listing will be loaded into the view.

My suspicion is, that nothing is shown under "Explore", because most of the apps that I have found using search - were not compatible (GUI did not scale to fit the PinePhone screen etc..)

Nevertheless! I did find a couple of applications that would look pretty ok and function as well.

An idea:

Maybe we can to make a thread where we test various applications and rate them with some type of a "PinePhone Compatibility Rating",
for an example: 0 = not compatible,   1 = partially compatible,   2 = compatible

And finally list our results in a special thread, then the Manjaro-arm team could look into all applications which have gotten the best rating ("app is compatible") and let them be displayed under the "Explore" tab.

As an added bonus, for the applications that were found to be "partially compatible", we could somehow try to get in touch with the developers and ask if they care to make a few tweaks to have their application compatible with linux phones :-)

just an idea out of my head, before my morning coffee  Big Grin

I have actually just opened such thread here:
12/17/20 OS update seems to have fixed this issue. nice list of categories that open to show many programs with a icon [checkbox] to show if installed already.

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