Just arrived: the soft clear PinePhone protective case from pine64
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Hello everybody,

today I have received the clear soft PinePhone case that I have ordered from the pine64 store (yes - this is the phone case that is a part of the "reduce digital gap" donation program).

I quickly unpacked the case, and tried it with my PinePhone (a recently delivered PinePhone CE), I must say that I am very impressed.

A few highlights:

* Material quality is very good (similar to an expensive brand case that I used to have for an iPhone not to long ago)
* The fit is perfect, fits the PinePhone perfectly, not too tight and not too flimsy (so it grabs the phone, but easy to remove if needed)
* The cutouts made in the case for the various buttons, headphone jack, usb-c outlet, speakers, camera etc.. are all perfectly aligned with the PinePhone's peripherals. 
* The cutout for the camera at the back of the case is well designed, and the case back is thick enough so that when you place the PinePhone on a table (for an example), the camera lens/glass will not be scratched.
* The case sides, on the upper edge, are slightly raised above the screen, so the PinePhone's edges are correctly covered and protected.
* The inside back of the case has those tiny elevated dots, so the PinePhone's back cover incl. the Manjaro logo and slogen are nicely visible without any air bubbles etc..

If anyone like the soft type (TPU type) clear cases, I gladly recommend it  Cool
It's very nice - didn't stop my screen from cracking though in a fairly minor drop though. Since I was ordering a new screen and a few other items anyway I ponied up for a hard case so I can directly compare them. Some kind of protective sleeve that clips to a belt would be a nice addition. (Haven't figured out yet how I'm going to carry the Pinephone around when using it on a regular basis.)

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